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Udderly Amazing News from the Barn! - Arlington is one amazing cow!  She just had her first milk test, after calving heifer Apple, September 14, 2015.  We were so excited, she produced 88 pounds of milk!  We are hopeful that by her second test in the next few months, that she will be producing over 90 pounds. Photos coming soon… > Read More
We are 2016 Good Food Awards Finalists! (x3!) - We’re thrilled to announce that all 3 cheeses entered, Tarentaise, Reading, and Ashbrook, are all 2016 Good Food Awards Finalists! Want to know more about the Good Food Awards? Check out: or click the link below to read the press release. 2016 GFA Finalists Annoucement_Short         > Read More
Farm Tidbits for City Kids – Week 30 - Farm Tidbits for City Kids – Week 30 More news for you from the Farms for City Kids Farm Educators, Rob, Molly, Kim, George, and Niles Farm Phenology (have you heard what’s happening?) This week… • Brynne, Venus, and Weasley were all weaned and moved into the heifer barn • The farmers from PS 266 > Read More
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