Cow Families


If you are a dairy enthusiast and are interested in learning about some of our cow families, then you are in the right spot. You will find listed below information about our top cow families, including:

SBF Fantom Butters

Born: September 21, 2005


5-03 269D 16,259M 773F 566P

Butters freshened in December of 2011 with a Gator heifer, SBF Gator Bobbi. She currently has two milking daughters: SBF Count Blue (VG-81) and SBF Blueprint Benni. Butters also has a winter yearling heifer, SBF Action Bonnie.

Butter’s dam was SBF Turbojet Barbara (VG-80) and her grand-dam was SBF Possiedons Birdie (EX-90).

We will be breeding Butters to Valid Action.

SBF Count Blue (VG-81) SBF Blueprint Benni

SBF Sultan Lilly

Born: October 23, 2006


3-08 305D 14,791M 702F 548P

Lilly freshened in November 2011. She currently has one milking daughter, SBF Tequila Lotus (VG-85) and a bred heifer, SBF Blackstone CallyLilly who is due in July 2012.

Lilly’s dam is SBF Keynote Buttercup (VG-88) and her grand-dam is SBF Possiedons Birdie (EX-90).

We will be breeding Lilly to Goose-PR.

SBF Beefeaters Winter

Born: January 22, 2006


4-06 305D 16,671M 616F 570P

Winter freshened in September of 2011 with a heifer, SBF Gannon Whitney. She has a milking daughter, SBF Pride Frostbite (VG-85) and a bred yearling, SBF Liam Willow who is due in June 2012.

Frostbite also has a daughter, SBF Vito SnowWhite.

Winter’s dam is SBF Declo Neptune-ET (VG-88). Neptune’s dam is SBF Berrettas Nellie-ET (EX-90) and Nellie’s dam is TH Top Brass Nifty (EX-90).

Winter is bred to Kobalt.

SBF Pride Frostbite

SBF Golden Jeenan

Born: October 14, 2003


6-09 297D 17,365M 906F 666P

*in her first 5 lactations, Jeenan produced 100,062 lbs. of milk

Jeenan freshened in August of 2011 with a Sultan heifer, SBF Sultan Jenny. She has a milking daughter SBF Sultan Joker. Joker also has a daughter, SBF Action Josie.

Jeenan’s dam is SBF Glass Jennifer (VG-85). She also has a maternal sister, SBF Saber Hailey (VG-87).

Jeenan is bred to Ahlem.

SBF Jace Avery

Born: December 1, 2005


4-08 305D 17,139M 741F 604P


Avery’s dam is SBF Topkick Amanda (VG-86). Her grand-dam is Temple Hill Very Berry (EX-90). Very Berry is one of the founding cows of our Spring Brook herd. She currently has 12 descendants that milk in our herd and 5 upcoming heifers.

Avery is due in February 2012 to Eclipse-P.

SBF Mecca Vera

Born: April 20, 2007


3-02 305D 15,261M 808F 532P

Vera freshened in November of 2011. Her dam was SBF Action Valentine (EX-91). Vera also has a maternal sister on the farm, SBF Update Venice (VG-81).

Vera will be bred to Zuma.

Maternal Sister – SBF Update Venice Action Valentine (EX-91)

SBF Gannon Barbados

Born: August 15, 2009


Barbados is on her first lactation and freshened in July of 2011. Her dam was SBF Beefeaters Bahama (VG-85). Her grand-dam is SBF Fargo Bermuda (EX-90). Bermuda’s dam was Temple Hill Very Berry (EX-90).

Barbados is bred to Cannon.