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Spring Brook Farm now hosts two programs: Farms for City Kids & City Kids Adventure Learning

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Farms For City Kids is a unique educational program combining classroom studies with firsthand farming experience to give urban kids an understanding of how vital academics are to everyday lives.

In our thousand-acre classroom‚ reading‚ writing‚ math‚ social studies and environmental study skills are applied to hands-on farming tasks. Through group-structured tasks—such as learning to care for farm animals—students discover untapped character strengths‚ develop critical teamwork skills and strengthen core values such as hard work‚ leadership‚ respect‚ self-confidence and responsibility. Students are challenged to overcome fears‚ accomplish feats they never imagined and are empowered by our Farm staff to achieve success every day.

Participating teachers view the Farms For City Kids program as a vital part of their curriculum as it not only reinforces academics‚ it puts ideas into action and brings education to life.

Our Kids

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Typically between the ages of 8 and 12‚ our students arrive at a pivotal pre-adolescent juncture. Decision-making and reasoning skills learned at this time help to ensure proper maturity development into the teenage years and beyond. Hands-on learning is especially effective in reaching kids at this stage of life.

Hands-On Learning, Teamwork & Character Building


The Farms For City Kids program combines the three primary methods of sensory learning—auditory‚ visual and kinetic. While all three methods are used at the Farm‚ tactile learning—often limited in a traditional classroom environment—plays a heightened role.

Students rotate team-structured tasks daily between the dairy barn‚ small animal barn‚ greenhouse‚ garden, cheese house and dormitory. By achieving hands-on project success‚ students build interpersonal‚ leadership and problem-solving skills.





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City Kids Adventure Learning Program

This program is being offered to our Alumni Students.   This outdoor adventure will lend to a whole new hands on experience!   Wilderness skills, problem solving, critical thinking, nature observation, and tracking are only a handful of the tools the students will be given.  Self confidence is what they will take home with them.



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