Vocabulary to Know

Bovine – an animal belonging to the same animal family as cattle

Brine – water containing a significant amount of salt, used for curing, preserving, developing flavor and washing Spring Brook Farm Cheese in our Cheese House.

Butterfat – The fatty particles in milk that make butter and cheese.

Bull – a male cow.

Calf – a young cow or bull

Coagulate – to make or become semisolid.

Colostrum – the first milk made by a cow for her calf after giving birth.

Compost – decayed plant and other organic materials used in the garden to enrich the soil.

Cow – an adult cow that has had a calf

Cud – partially digested food that is stored in the first stomach. Cows chew their cud in order to help with digestion.

Curd – the solid substance formed when milk coagulates. It is the part of the milk used to make cheese.

Enzyme – a protein that controls biochemical reactions

Evaporate – to change liquid to vapor

Fertilize – to add nutrients to the soil in order to help plants grow

Flake – a piece from a bale of hay

Grain – the seed of wheat, corn, oats or other cereal plants

Hay – special types of grass which are cut, dried, baled and stored as feed for animals

Heifer – a young female cow that has not had a calf

Manure – waste matter from an animal

Mastitis – a disease of the udder

Milk Replacer – the substance used to feed calves which replaces the milk they would drink from the udder of the cow

Pasture – grass covered land that is used for cows to graze in

Pasteurize – a process that uses heat to kill bacteria in raw milk

Raw Milk – milk that has not been pasteurized; contains bacteria

Reading – an award winning semi-soft cheese made here at the Farm

Rennet – a substance used for curdling milk; used in the cheese making process

Sanitary – Clean

Sap – the sugar water from a maple tree that is used to make maple syrup

Soil – the top layer of land

Steer – a young bull

Sugar Bush – an area of a forest with a large population of maple trees which is tapped to collect sap in order to make maple syrup

Sustainable – having the ability to be maintained

Tarentaise – an award winning semi-hard cheese made here at the Farm.

Teamwork – to work cooperatively in a group

Teat – the nipple part of the udder

Udder – the part of the cow where milk is made and stored

Wean – to start feeding a calf food other than milk or milk replacer

Whey – the watery part of curdled milk