Teacher’s Roles and Responsibilities





Teachers play a key role in the success of the program. The difference between a good week and a great week starts in the preparation well before arrival at the farm.

For more information about your responsibilities while here at the farm, please click the link below:

Teacher Responsibilities while at Spring Brook Farm

Prior to leaving for the farm teachers should:

Attend a New Teacher Orientation. Please contact Rob Macri in the Education Department for scheduling.

Reply to the Confirmation E-mail/Fax to Education Office as soon as possible after receiving this teacher packet. This will secure your date at the farm.

Host an information event with parents/guardians to help prepare for the trip, and to field any questions or concerns they may have about the program. Consider having lessons and activities at school that will integrate into the farm experience.

Be aware of ALL health concerns and required medications, particularly with asthma. It is the teachers’ responsibility to administer medication while at the farm.

Confirm that all required medicine, including asthma pumps and nebulizers*, are packed prior to the student boarding the bus.

* If a student has a nebulizer at home they NEED to bring it to the farm, even if they “haven’t used it in months” as the children sometimes say.

All the health and consent forms must be sent to the farm two weeks prior to your arrival. This is required so we can order food around allergies as well as plan the program to suit the needs of the children.

Secure a bus company for transportation WELL IN ADVANCE both to and from the farm. Plan to arrive at 12:00 for lunch on Monday and depart by 11:00 a.m. on Friday. A cold cut sandwich lunch will be provided upon arrival and for the journey home.

Make sure kids are prepared with appropriate clothing for the season. Call us if you are unsure about the weather.

Organize a parent/guardian phone tree prior to your trip, including a phone call to your school. We ask that parents and children do not call each other while they are on the farm unless it is an emergency.

If you have a project in mind for your week at the farm that requires special materials, please bring these with you. We can provide paper, pencils, and general art supplies, etc.

If at any time there are questions or concerns, please contact the Education Director at: macri.farmsforcitykids@gmail.com

FYI – Parent’s Responsibilities

Parents are urged to be sure that ALL forms provided are completed in order for your child to participate in the Farms For City Kids program.

The Release and Consent gives your child permission to be here at the farm, and to participate in the daily activities.

The Photo Consent gives permission for images and likeness of your child to be used in future brochures and printed material, and possibly on our web site.

Health History Form can be filled out by parent or Guardian. This form gives us the essential health history of your child and makes us aware of any important issues that there may be, such as allergies to food or asthma. This form is very important.

Health Exam Form needs to be completed by a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner, or Physician’s Assistant. This gives us a base line physical exam and will be needed in case of an emergency doctor’s visit while at the farm.

Medication Form brings to our attention any medication that your child will be taking while at the farm. This form will also serve as permission for your child to receive medication as indicated by you, the guardian. We will call and notify you if your child is not feeling well.

Please make sure that any medicine that your child may be taking is in the original container, and that there is enough to last the entire week at the farm.

Dietary Needs Form: Farms For City Kids/Spring Brook Farm is
NOT a food allergen-free, or Kosher facility. However, the kitchen staff will prepare meals to the best of their abilities to honor allergies and
dietary restrictions. This form is used to assist the kitchen staff in preparing meals. It is essential that ANY dietary restrictions be made available to Farms For City Kids two weeks prior to arrival. This includes chaperones, guests and students.

Phone calls to your child are highly discouraged. It is our experience that phone calls increase homesickness. If you would like to check in, please call the Farm Office and speak with Tatiana 802-484-1236, or you may email office@sbfvt.org.  Phone calls and emails will be returned during office hours 9:00am-3:00pm.  You can also see what your kids are doing on  Facebook.