Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I get to touch the animals?
Yes. Every day you will have interaction with the animals, including scratching and petting them, and even brushing the cows.

Q: Will I be able to try the maple syrup on the Farm?
Absolutely. It is a common ingredient in the kitchen and you will get to try it on anything from pancakes to yogurt and fruit. If you are on the farm in early spring, you will also have a chance to try the sap which makes the syrup.

Q: Do Cows Bite?
A: No‚ the cows do not bite. In fact all the animals on the Farm are used to being cared for by school-aged kids‚ and therefore look at all children as their ‘friends’.

Q: Will I have the opportunity to prepare food while I am at the Farm?
We sometimes have a cookie making lesson, teaching you about the importance of each ingredient and what part of farming they might relate to. And yes, you do get to eat them afterwards, as one of your desserts.

Q: Are there snakes on the Farm?
A: Yes‚ we do have snakes around the Farm‚ but it is highly unlikely that you will ever see any. There are NO poisonous snakes in the area around the farm.

Q: Will we have the opportunity to try the vegetables that we harvest from the garden?
Yes. Many, if not all, of the vegetables that are ready for harvest will be prepared in the kitchen as a part of your meals.

Q: Do I have to worry about any wild animals?
A: Even though the Farm is surrounded by large areas of woods‚ there are no wild animals on the trails or near the woods.

Q: Is there Poison Ivy?
A: There is no Poison Ivy around the Farm.

Q: Is this Farm like a school?
A: Yes. Our Farm is an outdoor classroom that operates like a school. All of our classes and workshops throughout the day take place in the barns‚ in the garden‚ on the trails and in the dorm and participation is expected just as if you were at school.

Q: Can I take pictures while I am there?
Yes. There will be a lot of experiences that we believe you will want to photograph.

Q: Do kids come here every week?
A: Yes. Kids are here every week from March through November. Sometimes we have groups come and stay with us in the middle of winter.

Q: Do we have our own bedrooms and bathrooms?
A: Boys and girls will have separate bedrooms and bathrooms. No one person has their own private bedroom or bathroom.

Q: Is there shopping around the Farm?
A: The town of Reading‚ VT is VERY small. There are no stores or malls in the area. But we do have souvenirs for sale‚ such as T–shirts and maple syrup, water bottles, magnets and other items in our Farm store.

Q: What do we do if it rains or snows?
A: We always have to spend time each day taking care of the animals in the barn‚ rain or shine. On those days when rain might be in the forecast‚ we have many fun indoor activities to keep us busy before we go back outside and finish our work.

Q: Will we have to work with manure?
A: Taking care of the animals means cleaning the barns of their manure. We always have to shovel or rake out the barns. And we have plenty of pairs of farm boots on hand to help us with our work.

Q: Do we need to bring work gloves?
A: No. Work gloves are not generally needed. But we have a lot of gloves on hand for you to use should we ever need them.