Co-Founders Message

Investing in the future

While visiting England in 1992 we were introduced to a wonderful program, “Farms for City Children” that changed and enriched the lives of children with active learning in a farm setting. Their individual success stories were remarkable, so much so, that we wanted to bring that program back to inner-city kids in America. We did, and call our program “Farms For City Kids.”

It’s hard to imagine, but millions of children grow up in America and never travel far from home. Many will never have the opportunity to see how different life can be in a rural setting. Farms For City Kids offers those youngsters a unique learning opportunity that has the potential to change their lives in so many ways. Farms For City Kids Foundation hosts more than 750 students each year in a free one-week residential educational program at Spring Brook Farm in Reading, Vermont. The working dairy farm encompasses over one thousand acres, and provides an outdoor classroom where inner-city kids from Metropolitan New York, Boston, Vermont and beyond explore new dimensions of learning.

The staff at the Farm is comprised of educated professionals who seamlessly integrate the academics of math, social studies and natural science into every day farm activities. As the students become responsible for running the Farm for the week, they learn hands-on about the food cycles from the earth to the table. Everything they learn becomes a Lessons for a Lifetime® experience.

Join us as we build Farms For City Kids future by investing in children who can experience the life-changing opportunities that take place in Vermont. Thank you for your continued support. Its friends and neighbors like you that make this unique educational experience happen. We can’t do it without you!




Karli & Jim Hagedorn