Greetings Farm Alumni!

Over the years we have been contacted by alumni who shared stories about their experience at Spring Brook Farm. Many spoke about it opening their eyes to opportunities they previously didn’t know existed. We have been made aware of students transferring to specialized high schools and/or colleges in order to concentrate on studies that were brought to their attention while attending our education program. Information like this is very exciting for everyone involved in the program and it has prompted us to provide you with an easier way to get in touch.

If you had the opportunity to attend our education program, we encourage you to take a moment to fill out the form. The information will be sent directly to the Farm Office and will be stored as confidential information for our record keeping only.

There have been numerous changes at the Farm that have helped continue positive growth throughout the years. Please take a moment to browse through our site to see some of those changes. Better yet, if you have an opportunity to come back for a visit/ tour, please contact us at 802-484-1236 in order to arrange that.

We look forward to hearing from you.

All our best,

Farms For City Kids Foundation Staff