Education Staff

At Spring Brook Farm our staff is highly experienced in the areas of outdoor environmental and agricultural stewardship.  The staff’s experience in working with both children and agriculture, combined with their well-rounded interests off the farm, provides an unparalleled learning experience for our student farmers.






Robert Macri, Education Director

Rob is responsible for the development and management of the education program including school scheduling and ensuring the Farm program   is calibrated to school academic learning standards.   Named Education Director in 2005, Rob is often found working with the kids throughout  the farm, teaching his knowledge of the outdoors.

Rob joined the Farm in 2002 and holds a Masters Degree Education and Environmental Science.   A volunteer on the Reading Fire Department,  Rob also serves as a member of the Reading Recreation Commission, coaches youth soccer and is actively involved in activities with the Reading Elementary School his two children attend.  Rob was also a founding member of the Plymouth, VT Fast Squad, a group of EMT and  first responders who arrive prior to ambulances in rural areas.











Molly Brockman, Educator

Molly’s passion lies in educating children about nature, the environment and the surrounding communities in which they live.  Her previous work experience throughout the country includes various positions in research and education and a tremendous amount of educational and environmental knowledge.

Molly joined the Education staff in 2011 with a BS in Natural Resources from Northland College in Ashland, WI.  She is an outdoor enthusiast and  a member of the local Women’s Ice Hockey League.




Niles Franc, Educator
Niles joined our team in 2015. He has experience working with youth of all ages and abilities in the traditional school setting as well as the outdoor classroom by organizing various summer camps and guiding adventure trips. Niles grew up on a small family dairy farm in rural Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse with a BS in Recreation Management. He enjoys playing old-time and bluegrass music and spending as much time as possible among the trees.


Sarah Appleton, Educator

Sarah joined our team in May 2016, after graduating from the University of Rhode Island with her Bachelors of Science in Animal Science and Technology.  She is a local Vermonter, and has always called Reading her home.  Growing up off grid with solar power, Sarah learned at a very young age what its like to live simply and be self sufficient. In her free time she enjoys hiking and camping, training and fostering dogs, gardening, beekeeping, knitting, horseback riding and letting her creative mind flow.  Sarah strives to teach others the importance of growing fresh food, being self-reliant and to respect and appreciate the natural world.

Diane Wheeler-Moore, Kitchen Manager
Diane has been working for Farms For City Kids since 2010. She started out as a part time prep and lunch server, and took over as kitchen manager in 2014. She volunteered at the Reading Elementary School kitchen for many years.Diane grew up in Waterford, Connecticut and moved to Vermont in 1989. She worked in her families catering business before moving to Vermont. She is married and has two daughters. She graduated in 1996 from The Community College of Vermont with an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. She is very involved in her community as a member of the Reading Friends & Neighbors Committee.


Deana Champney

Deana joined our team in 2012 in the kitchen department. Deana has worked in kitchen school systems for many years. She worked at a private boarding school for 17 years as cook and baker, and she also worked as a kitchen manager for 2 years.

Deana grew up in Canaan N.H. and moved to Vermont in 2011. Deana has 2 grown daughters and 4 granddaughters. She also volunteers at the Reading Food Shelf. Deana also has a love of animals.