Farm Tidbits for City Kids – Week 30

Farm Tidbits for City Kids – Week 30
More news for you from the Farms for City Kids Farm Educators, Rob, Molly, Kim, George, and Niles
Farm Phenology (have you heard what’s happening?)
This week…
• Brynne, Venus, and Weasley were all weaned and moved into the heifer barn
• The farmers from PS 266 helped harvest the first brussels sprouts and more herbs
• The turkeys were sent to be processed
• The visiting farmers got to see Whitney being inseminated
Future Farm News (what’s next at Spring Brook Farm)
Next week we are hoping to be…
• Weaning Albus, Potter, and Apple and putting them in the heifer barn
• Moving more heifers and dry cows in from the pastures to the heifer barn
• Turning as many apples into cider, apple sauce, and pie as possible
• Seeing Bobbi and Angel give birth